Tuesday Updates

Hi Fuzers!

First, some incredible news! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we looked at the listings sold with Fuzed photos vs listings sold without fuzing. On average, listings that used fuzed photos sold twice as often!! This is proof in the pudding that a picture is a customer's first impression of a product, and making a good first impression is very important to sales!

We are thrilled at the positive feedback and that we helped make the holidays a little brighter for you all!

Second, lets talk about some of the new features on the site.

Fuzing speed has been massively improved. We are seeing up to a four fold increase in fuzing speed!

In addition to the fuzing speed improvements, we improved many areas of the site to be more responsive and more usable. In particular the back button behavior is much better when paging through listings.

Also, you can now change the size of the highlighter and eraser. You can get at those fine details much easier now! These new controls are to the right of the highlighter and eraser. Thanks to our fuzer fans for suggesting this! 

Looking forward to Christmas and 2011, I feel this is going to be a bright year for everyone, and we will be right behind you every step of the way. 

Merry Christmas!

- The FotoFuze Team