Tuesday Updates

Hey Fuzers! We've got some news for you all, including some updates to the site.

First of all, we passed 100,000 photos processed sometime last week and are well on our way to 200,000 photos processed!! This is amazing news and we are thrilled that everyone loves FotoFuze as much as we do. :) Also, a very special thanks goes out to all those that donated to help support the service! We think you are amazing! 

Over the last two weeks (has it really only been two weeks?), we've added Internet Explorer support, a "check for errors" helper image, photo de-noising, contrast enhancement controls, listing/album pages, photo/album/listing deletion, and many more. We have also improved the base photo enhancement technology as a whole. We are constantly looking for ways to make your product photos the best photos on Etsy and the Web.

For any website, there is nothing more frustrating than things going wrong and not knowing why or how to fix them. We've taken many steps to help out when problems arise. Real-time live support chat and documentation on the website/blog to name a few. Sometimes, however, this just isn't enough. When you have fuzed 20 photos with amazing results, but one of them turns out odd... you need something to tell you what you need to do to fix it. On the 2D Photo's edit page, there is a "Check For Errors" helper image which pops up after previewing is complete. If you hover your mouse over the image, it will mark some areas of the photo in red where we have detected problems might have arisen from. If your getting odd results in the preview, or afterwards in the results, be sure to check the error image for places you might have missed highlighting. Just one more step in providing useful and valuable feedback, right where you need it, when you need it the most! :) 

Photo Denoising is important for high-ISO photos (low-light) and sometimes even for low-ISO photos. There are various different kinds of noise in an photo, and they are different in every camera! There is both color noise as well as brightness noise. Some cameras have more color noise, some have more brightness noise, and some have both. Image Denoising aims to help with this. Image Denoising comes in 12 possible strengths. The lower values primarily affect color-noise whereas the higher values affect both color and brightness noise. Levels 11 and 12 are specially designed for extremely high noise photos. Most people will probably stick to the low levels (0-4), only venturing into higher levels (5-10) when the occasion calls for it. 

Contrast Enhancement can be a life saver when you need it. We think you'll find that FotoFuze's contrast enhancement every bit as technologically advanced and innovative as people have come to expect from FotoFuze. :) 

To help our fuzers with literally hundreds of listings, instead of Load More.. you can now jump to a specific page. Thanks to our dedicated fuzers who helped point this out to us! 

Looking forward to the next two weeks, we are working on some changes which will make fuzing up to 4 times faster than before. Fuzing will be more convenient and practical than ever before! :) Keep on the look-out for more improvements to come! 

Comments are always welcome! Let us know what you think!


Your friends,

- the FotoFuze team