Tuesday Updates

Hey Fuzers! We've got some news for you all, including some updates to the site. 

First of all, we are absolutely thrilled at all the positive comments we've received about the site! Thanks to everyone who had something to say about us--your comments help us continue to improve FotoFuze, day by day. We're happy to welcome our new Fuzers as well to the FotoFuze community!

Some recent changes to the site may have caught your attention. First of all, we've recently instituted a live chat, and FotoFuze representatives are usually present on it, as well as helpful Fuzers who are part of the burgeoning FotoFuze community. Got a question? Don't want to e-mail support? (though we always welcome e-mails!) Try asking in chat! 

Additionally, a number of fixes and improvements are being put through, many of them requested by Fuzers. If there's something you'd like to see, or if you have any other comments or criticisms about the site, you can contact us at contact@fotofuze.com. We add new things from our user's wish lists to our to-do lists all the time--we strive to make our Fuzers happy. 

One new change requested by a user is the ability to disable fuze-complete emails. You can get to this setting on your profile page (link on the top right of every page.) We are also testing out some new ads today. 

Next week, we'll be adding a feature to disable the cropping feature--though the responses are generally pleased with our image enhancement as it is, this gives Fuzers the ability to further personalize their Fuzes. We're also rolling out an auto-center feature, where the website will intelligently detect the alignment of the image. Another thing to look forward to coming up is improved black levels in contrast. 

We have some additional improvements in the works, so keep a lookout! 

In the near future, we're going to start featuring interesting Fuzers whose products we think show an exemplary use of the service. If you're interested in being featured, e-mail contact@fotofuze.com.

Comments are, as always, welcome! :) Let us know what you think! 


-the FotoFuze team