The Fotofuze vs. Photoshop Challenge

By Christine Olick, Web designer for

We've taken Photoshop and pitted it up against Fotofuze to see who the real heavyweight is. We took a raw product photo, and edited it in both programs. We looked at the time and complexity involved in each, to see which program came out ahead.

Photoshop required special tools, skilled knowledge, and just plain took longer - about 10 minutes for a professional graphic designer. Fotofuze required no knowledge or special tools, and took less than half the time - not even 5 minutes. And best of all, Fotofuze can be used by any amateur artist or novice computer user.

We've recorded it all on video - watch them below and decide for yourself!

Fotofuze Challenge - Part 1 - Photoshop

In this first part of the challenge, we took our photo and edited it in Photoshop.

Here was the product photo in its original form:

And here was the end result - after over 10 minutes of tedious Photoshop work by a professional designer:

And here's the video detailing the lengthy Photoshop process:

Fotofuze Challenge - Part 2 - Fotofuze

In the 2nd part of the challenge, we took the same original photo, uploaded it to Fotofuze, highlighted the object (along with its shadow), hit "finish" and voila! a professional looking photo in seconds! The whole process from upload to finished image took under 5 minutes and was so simple anyone can do it!

Here's the finished Fotofuze image:

And here's the easy Fotofuze video showing how it was done:

In my opinion, the Fotofuze version actually looks better. The original shadows are preserved better and the product details are sharper and brighter. Looks like Fotofuze came out the clear winner - a K.O.!