Fuze with Style. Background Style!

It's 2014 and we thought we'd kick it off with a great new way to enhance your photos!

We call it Background Style.  Inspired by some amazing photos found on Etsy and other popular online stores, we wanted to make having clean backgrounds with natural soft gradients easy.  Starting now, your backgrounds can be white, grey, flat, a natural soft gradient, or anywhere in between!

By default, Background Style is set to the usual flat white/black background.  You can change the style by moving the solid blue circle anywhere.

Let's take a look at what happens when you move the circle around:

As you can see, when the blue disc is set toward the top, your background becomes lighter and whiter.  If you place the disc toward the bottom, the background becomes grayer.  Likewise, towards the right side the background becomes a flat solid color.  The left side has a nice smooth background made from the natural shading found in the original photo.

This versatile background option gives you an great amount of control to pick a background that best complements your item and let your photos stand out from the crowd!

And thank you, Chris Scott, for letting us use your photos from your amazing shop EuropeanRetro!
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I really like this enhancement! One question, which is something I run into with my jewelry, is how do you get FotoFuze to handle the thin branches in the first picture? I have filigree work and wire work and I have the biggest trouble getting FF to handle the little areas nicely? Any hints? Thanks!
This would have been better if it had transparent background as well
I love FotoFuze, but I am having the same issue as Jaynemarie. Complex shadows behind my spiral wire jewelry. The best I can do with these tools is to raise the brightness a bit and raise background shadows to 5 or erase them completely with the magic highlighter. The pics are taken on flat white with light from 3 angles but I am still unable to eliminate most of the shadows. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Can I pick a black back ground over white? I have items in boxes that the edges disappear with a white background. I can move around the background style but it doesn't show me just black.
I have stopped using fotofuze because of the lack of response here.
I have the same question regarding white on white. My items in a white box get distorted images on a white background. How do I fix this'll? How do I get a black background?
How do I get a black background?
Is there anyway to select a black background?
Why does it say "white/black" when there is no black background option? Are you ever going to add a black background option?
is anyone getting answers to these questions?
How to get White Background if my original pic has a grey background? Kindly advice
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