The 3 Most Common Problems FotoFuze Users Have (and how to fix them!)

Here at FotoFuze, we are excited to begin our relationship with Etsy--while individual Etsy sellers have used us regularly in the past, our service is now a member of Etsy's application gallery. To all our new (and old!) users, we've got some tips on troubleshooting the most common problems users have when using FotoFuze.

1.) Incorrect background 
This is the biggie--if the background isn't WHITE or BLACK, then the software FotoFuze uses is generally unable to fuze the photo properly. For optimum results, please use a flat white or black background--it's as simple as taking a picture on a sheet, piece of paper, tablecloth, etc.

Bad background: 

Poor background: 

Good background! 

2.) Highlighting Borders
The highlighting tool can be a little confusing for the first time user. Think back to when you highlighted in your schoolbooks--we want you to highlight the whole object, not just the borders.


This is close, but still not quite right. You'll get results, but they won't be optimal. (We'll get to why in #3.)

The highlighted object should look like this once it's highlighted. This is what we recommend for best results. 

3.) Sharp Shadows
Our service does have a quirk in that when there's a sharp shadow, you must include it as part of the object. If your pictures have been coming out faded or overexposed, try evaluating how you highlight--is there a shadow you could include? Did you fill in the entire object? 

If you don't include a sharp shadow, as in our "Poor" example above, then your image probably will result in something like this.

For an optimum result, include the shadow, as shown in our "Good" example. You'll probably get a good result, like this. 

If you're still having problems or have any other questions, help is just an e-mail away--you can always reach us at
We also recently instituted a live chat, and FotoFuze representatives are usually available as a real-time resource there as well. 
If you'd like to see a step-by-step guide of how to best use FotoFuze, check out our video tutorial, located .
In the next couple of days, we'll also have a picture based tutorial and a new FAQ coming to the website. Stay tuned!
Any other questions? Concerns? Let us know! 

-the FotoFuze team 
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у меня не получается закончить редактирование фотографии. Три фотографии отредактировала нормально, а четвертая не дает кнопки закончить редактирование для дальнейшего просмотра. И еще это уже не первый раз. 17 сентября была такая же проблема. У вас стоит ограничение на количество редактируемых фотографий в сутки?
hello, I'm just trying out the site, it's nice so far but i do hope you get the tutorial with the photo's and a written set of directions put up soon. A lot of deaf users would love to use your site but as soon as they find the only information is in the form of a video they are shut out because the video doesn't make sense if you can't understand the words and you did not provide closed captioning.. plus its helpful for people like me with the attention span of a gnat, and a constant need to go and use the part we just learned about and switch back and forth. i hope you can make this a great site for everyone to use, thank you very much.
I am new to your website but very interested. I take my pix with a white background in natural light. My biggest problem is that the white turns out bluish when they are uploaded to my computer. I am not sure that your program can help with this. If this is something I need to correct on my own, I would appreciate any suggestions.
Hey Rosalee! It sounds like FotoFuze should fix with no issue! We do color correction so the background becomes a neutral white :)
Is it best to use fotofuze before or after adding items to Etsy?
Because Etsy resizes your photos to a maximum of 1500x1500, it's better to use FotoFuze with your original photos. If your end goal is to put the photo back on Etsy, it likely won't make a noticeable difference :)
i try to convert to do a white background photo, it turn our to be black background photo
Can the diameter of the highlighter be adjusted? If so, I would like it to be smaller. I try to get a white background for my jewelry's pictures, and with the current highlighter, I am getting more shadows than I wish for.
Hey NG HC! It sounds like your photo's background is very dark. Have you tried to take a photo of your item on a white background?
Hey Dalia! As for your problem, the diameter can be adjusted using the slider above the highlighting area and to the right of the tool icons. You might be able to reduce the shadows by increasing the shadow softness. If you'd like for me to look at the photo you're having trouble with, I'd be glad to :)
Picture an error
Will you be adding the calculated shipping option that etsy offers? Also I don't seem to be able to move fotofuze downloads around on my computer or into a file I have for completed listings? Also is there a delete option on the website so I can delete items once I have downloaded them? Loving the results I am getting. My shop is staring to look much more professional.
Every time I try to view picture it says that I must be a PRO user and then it directs me to a page where I have to commit to a monthly fee. I thought it was free:(
Hello, Just want to let you know that the best background I've used was the Non Reflective and Reflective - DIY Black & White Acrylic Display Boards for Tabletop Product Photography . Got it on Amazon. They have small black and a white small boards probably 12 x12, one size is matte other size is for making your objects reflect. I can tell you if you use something like vinyl or a white shirt, fotofuze picks up the print of the material and you will see it in your photo, you have to use smooth surfaces.
Hey Tracey! Unfortunately we can't add calculated shipping profiles to FotoFuze. We are limited to what Etsy gives us access to, and Etsy hasn't updated their API to include calculated shipping profiles. Multiple people, including us, have requested for this but Etsy doesn't appear interested in updating things to give us access to calculated shipping profiles. You should be able to download the files onto your computer. Are you clicking the "Download" button or using the batch download option? You can delete photos by clicking "Show Advanced" and then clicking the delete buttons that appear over the photos. Hey Pam! FotoFuze is free to use, however resolutions are currently limited to 700x700. We try to increase the resolutions whenever we update our fuzing machines :) We offer Pro accounts for those who need larger resolutions now and not when we're able to upgrade it. If you want to just have a free account, just click the Large "download" button underneath the fuzed photo. The X-Large download is limited to Pro accounts. Hey Christina! Thanks for letting us know! We'll have to try it out :)
I love the tool. I am having a problem getting my photos after I have cleaned them.
Hey Brenda! You can download the photos by clicking on them and then clicking the download button underneath. You can see this in action in our tutorial video: If you have any other questions or problems, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking the help link at the top of any page on :)
Salve..ho acquistato la versione pro...come faccio ad usarla? Il sistema non riconosce l'acquisto...
I am photographing jewelry and am having trouble with the colors and highlights of the sterling and the pearls after using Fotofuze. The metal looks dark and flat compared to the original picture. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
Hey Andrée! Can you send me a link to a photo you're having trouble with on FotoFuze? I'd be glad to take a look and see if there's anything we can do :)
thanks so much I don't know how to create a link so I sent you 2 attachments. The first picture is how it came out after FotoFuze and then I retouched it in PhotoShop but it still lacks the shine and the deed rose color of the pearls. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated Andrée
I don't see any attachments in the comments. Can you contact us by going to and clicking the "Help" link at the top of the page? After you send us a help message you should be able to send us email attachments.
The app freezes and will not let me use the app, sometimes I need to clear my history and sometimes that works. Sometimes I can fix it at all. I love this app but becoming a issue using this app. I have a iPhone 8 so there shoukd be no issues. Please advise. Thanks
Hey Gene! Are you talking about the FotoFuze website? Or are you referring to the FotoFuze iOS App?
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The next time the app freezes, can you tap on the FF button on the top left corner and then tap "Contact Us"? Make sure to include the activity logs so we will have a better idea as to what's going on in the app :)
I indicated before that I was not having luck with either highlighter. I want to try the eraser but I cannot see how it works. Main problem is I do not want a shadow in my photos. That is what I am trying to eliminate! and the highlighter always includes it. Another problem I had (using the regular highlighter) was the bottom of the object was washed out.
I use a white background for my clothing photography, when I’m taking pictures of white clothing it’s a issue in the finishing result.
Do we have the option to make the background black?
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