High Resolution Fuzing is here!

Hi Fuzers!

We have had many requests for a long time about when high resolution fuzing would be available. I can proudly say that it is available starting right now. There is only one requirement, you have to be a FotoFuze supporter in order to use it.

This brings me to the second announcement, the Jungl. FotoFuze has partnered with the Jungl to provide the funding necessary to do high resolution fuzing! It costs us four times as much to do double the resolution, but we feel that seeing the details is such a big factor in the sale of a product on Etsy that we had to find a way to make this happen - without breaking the bank. One of our guiding principles is, don't be greedy. The Jungl fits this principle perfectly.

The Jungl is a service where users pay a flat monthly fee of their own choosing, select a few websites that they want to support, then the Jungl will split that monthly fee between the supported websites evenly. We love it!

The Jungl provides us with the perfect mechanism to allow fuzers to pay whatever they want, and get a bunch of great stuff for it:

First, no advertisements. There is nothing worse then big bouncing advertisements distracting you from what your trying to do. We don’t like them, I think most people would agree.

Second, high resolution fuzing. Process at double the resolution and get more details into your product photos for Etsians to see.

Third, living etsy sales. While in beta, living etsy sales were free for use by everyone. Now that they have stabilized a bit, we are moving the feature out of beta and into the Jungl. Don’t worry though, this will not affect any sales that are currently running and they will continue on schedule.
Fourth, private support. Not only do you get direct support from our team, but we want to head more from you. Let us know what features we can make to get you fuzing even more.

Can you really pay whatever you want? Yes, but there is a minimum fee of $3.00 per month. However, there is a way to pay about half that amount. If you have a website you can support yourself by clicking your own Jungl button. =D

For more info on the Jungl, click here. They also have a FAQ page here.

We’ve got more stuff cooking for this year, so stay tuned!

Best wishes,

The FotoFuze Team
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In regards to photos processing at "double the resolution", what exactly does that mean? Is it double compared to a free account or is at a percentage of the original photo? More info with detailed numbers regarding the resolution would be very helpful.
Free account process at 570x570 resolution. Paid accounts process at 1140x1140.
Available exclusively to FotoFuze supporters, we are also working on native photo resolution processing as well. Meaning if you upload a 15 megapixel photo from a DSLR camera, that will be fuzed at 15 megapixel resolution.
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